Pre And Post Production

pre and post produaction image

K Cine Productions is the best production house that provides pre and post production services. From television commercials, films, documentaries to nonfiction shows, soaps and corporate films, we have the competency to provide one stop solution for all your production requirements and the allied services required for executing the project. We are leading production house which have different working units on different working standards.
K Cine Productions measures itself on the basis of working standard in comparison to the competitor. We analyze ourselves on the basis of exact performance delivery. We follow the steps which take place in pre and post production services. Some major steps in pre production process:

  • Shooting Script: Script is the Main part of the best production. For the best script we need a perfect idea and after that we need to execute this in systematic manner. Scripting includes idea, story, and writing, positioning and proper set of mind.
  • Storyboard and shoot lists: This is what we prepare for well execution of the shoots. This is artist activity which helps for better understanding of shoots for artist through drawing
  • Selection of right Crew: Crew basically a group of people that works together for the film production process. Everybody knows the importance of team work and we are pleased to tell you that we have group of expertise that can perform well during the work.
  • Location and Budget: proper planning of appropriate location and utilization of budget is largely important that can affect your performance during the process.
  • Find the right Cast and Clear the red tape: These are the basic thing which everybody knows but it’s also requiring to face this aspect. Cast affects your performance and red tape means to fulfill all the legal paperwork and other legal works for the activity. This is all about permits for avoiding the barrier.

Steps involve in post production process are as:

  • Pick Editing Format.
  • Picture and Sound Editor.
  • Dialogue Replacement.
  • Secure Music and Rerecording/Remix
  • Get Digital Cinema Package.
  • Prepare a campaign Image .